An Explosion of Information

close photo of Steve Kolins

A Weekend Study Retreat with Steve Kolins

Retreat Address: 1999 Ridge Rd, North San Juan, CA 95960
 Contact Kaathlyn Connor at (530) 777 8275,
 Arrive: Friday evening, the 16th of October for dinner and orientation
 Depart: Monday morning, the 19th of October after dawn-prayers and breakfast


Steven Kolins

Steven Kolins will present on Wikis and the genealogy of Bahรกโ€™รญs and their communities.

The global infrustructure for sharing information has just gone through a profound and unprecedented lurch forward. In our pockets we carry a thousand times the information of the Library of Alexandria. And yet in our minds, we are years behind the present in our awareness of opportunities right in front of us.

Steven Kolins is a scholar on the Faith published in various wikis that require citations using genealogical-type records and Bahรกโ€™รญ sources on the histories of communities and individuals. From the results of such work heโ€™s also contributed to publications like Bahรกโ€™รญ Faith and African American History, ed Loni Bramson, through Dr. Christopher Buckโ€™s work, and Louis Ventersโ€™ The History of the Bahรกโ€™รญ Faith in South Carolina, and other pending publications on Sarah Farmer, the Knoblochs, Howard Colby Ives, and others.

Across three sessions Steven will survey the existing content of Bahรกโ€™รญ-related content on various wikis, look at some of the history of this genre, at the developing databases of sources available for such work, surprise finds, and a workshop about developing your own content.

school front

Where will this be held?

In the mountains of Northern California, just East of Sacramento, our friends have a beautiful boarding-school facility with a gymnasium and comfortable classrooms. If you are not within driving distance, you can fly into the Sacramento Airport (SMF) or take a train to the Sacramento Amtrak train station. Our community volunteers will pick you up and shuttle you to the school. The school has various accommodation options, so families will usually be able to stay together.


Who should attend? (ages 15+)

Given the pace and difficulty of material, only adults and youth 15 or older. Minors will need to be accompanied by a parent or a designated guardian. We will not be splitting out into groups so all participants should be mature enough to sustain a solid day of reading together.

What to Bring? (books, light clothes, shampoo)

Every student should bring their tablet or laptop computer. Materials, pencils, notepads, bedding, towels, food etc. are supplied. We have plenty of laundry facilities as well. You may want to bring a swimsuit for occasional outings to the nearby river.


How much? ($110)

Weโ€™re working hard to keep costs as low as possible โ€” and so far that seems to come to about $30 per day for room, board and materials. This program includes three nights lodging and eight meals. As well as transportation to and from the airport, if you are arriving by plane.

Our costs are reduced because of the generosity of the community and some very dedicated volunteers. If you need any help getting here, just let us know. Weโ€™ll do whatever we can to find a way. If youโ€™re driving and have extra room for a ride share, let us know.